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de Bono Perception
Train your brain with Dr Edward de Bono's Thinking Tools. Learn to prioritise, set clearer goals, consider all Factors, think about the views of others, look for alternatives, grasp a more balanced view of ideas and predict future consequences of actions. Training to unleash the power of your brain
de Bono Situations
You explore the different types of thinking situations that exist and how you should pro-actively react to them. By understanding the type of problems you face you can train your brain to develop better solutions.
de Bono Creativity
You will focus on creativity techniques that improve your lateral thinking. Learning to think outside the box is important when you need to problem solve. You should be able to recognise situations that need some extra lateral thinking and brainstorm in an effective focused manner that delivers results.

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Become a de Bono certified practitioner by taking one of our online courses. Our award winning eLearning programs will sharpen your mind and unleah your creative and strategic thinking abillities.

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Dr. de Bono's thinking tools and lateral thinking techniques have been used throughout the world in Schools and universities.

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To become a certified de Bono trainer you will need to contact de Bono Thinking Systems or your local authorised distributor.

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Dr. de Bono's online course in thinking will teach you the thinking tools and lateral thinking techniques that have helped people of all levels of ability to master their thinking and to be able to manage group thinking and brainstorming sessions. Become a Certified de Bono Effective Thinker.