The ideas and works of Dr. de Bono

Dr. de Bono's epic creative output

Edward has been a prolific author for over 50 years he has consistently delivered new and interesting ideas throughout his books, courses, games and speaking engagements.

A timeline of the major works and ideas of Dr. Edward de Bono

The Use of Lateral Thinking

The Use of Lateral Thinking (1967) ISBN 0-14-013788-2, He coined and introduced the concept of ‘lateral thinking’, in 1967. This approach helps people solve problems through a imaginative yet incidental approach. This methodology is now used in a number of corporate offices around the world and has proven to be extremely useful in terms of problem identification, problem solving and inducing motivation. Thus, he is known as the father of ‘lateral thinking’.


The L-game

Dr de Bono invented the L Game in 1968.


The Mechanism of the Mind

The Mechanism of the Mind


Lateral Thinking the Process

Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step by Step, (1970), Lateral Thinking for Management (1971), Po: A Device for Successful Thinking (1972), introduced the term Po



One of his works published in 1982, titled ‘De Bono’s Course in Thinking’ was also made into a television show that was aired on BBC.


Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats (1985) In 1985, he authored ‘Six Thinking Hats’. This publication is considered to be one of his greatest literary works and provides the readers with effective tools for group discussion and individual thinking. It also provides a more detailed insight into the concept of ‘parallel thinking’ and ‘critical thinking’. This book introduced the concept of the ‘six thinking hats’ method, which Speedo Researchers used in the creation of their swimsuits, thus making de Bono’s ideas presented in the book, extremely popular.


A new religion?

I Am Right, You Are Wrong: From This to the New Renaissance: From Rock Logic to Water Logic (1991), Six Action Shoes (1991), Water Logic: The Alternative to I am right You are Wrong (1993) , Parallel thinking: from Socratic thinking to de Bono thinking (1994), Teach Yourself How to Think (1995)


A chance meeting

In 1995, he created the futuristic documentary film, 2040: Possibilities by Edward de Bono, depicting a lecture to an audience of viewers released from a cryogenic freeze for contemporary society in the year 2040.


Online course in Thinking

In 1999, Effective Thinking Course, with Peter Burns de Bono


Cambridge University

Textbook of Wisdom (1996), How to Be More Interesting (1998), Simplicity (1999), New Thinking for the New Millennium (1999), Why I Want To Be King of Australia (1999), How to Have A Beautiful Mind (2004), Six Value Medals (2005), H+ (Plus): A New Religion (2006)


CoRT Thinking Online

2006 - Digitization of the Cort Thinking programme for schools website with Devine media.


Online course in Thinking

- Development of Online e-Learning courses with Devine Media.


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