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A Few Words About Dr. de Bono

Dr Edward de Bono is one of the very few people in history who can be said to have had a major impact on the way we think. Dr de Bono has worked with many of the major corporations in the world such as IBM, Du Pont, Prudential, AT&T, British Airways, British Coal, NTT(Japan), Ericsson(Sweden), Total(France), etc. The largest corporation in Europe, Siemens (370,000 employees) is teaching his work across the whole corporation, following Dr de Bono's talk to the senior management team. Below is an overview of some of the major events in his life.

The life of Dr. Edward de Bono

Born on the Island of Malta

Edward Charles Francis Publius de Bono was born in St. Julian's Bay, Malta on the 19th of may. The son of Dr. Joseph Edward de Bono, a physician and Josephine Burns de Bono, an Irish journalist.

May 19th, 1933

Schooling in Malta

Dr de Bono was educated in St. Edward's College, Malta


University of Malta

Edward conducted his undergraduate studies at the Royal University of Malta, Attaining a B.Sc. in Medicine in 1953. He completed his M.D. in 1955.


Won a prestigious Rhodes Scholarship

Edward won the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship in 1955, the scholarship helps promising students from nations around the world to study at Oxford. Other famous recipients of the Rhodes Scholarship are Former President Bill Clinton in 1968, Famous astronomer Edwin Hubble received his scholarship in 1910, The Musician and actor Kris Kristofferson received his 1958 and Terrence Malik the Director of The Thin Red Line, The Master and The Tree of Life, won his in 1966.


Oxford University

While studying at Oxford University, Edward was awarded an MA in psychology and physiology in 1957, and a D.Phil. in 1961, he spent some time working as a research assistant between 1957–60 and later as a lecturer. During his Student days he represented Oxford in both Polo and on the boat team. He set two cannoning records, one of which was for paddling 112 miles from Oxford to London non-stop.


University of London

In 1961 Edward moved to London, to work as a lecturer for the University of London for two years.


Cambridge University

In '63 Edward joined Cambridge University, He gained a Ph.D. in medicine during his time here from Trinity College. He also held faculty appointments as assistant director of research for a time, while lecturing in medicine.


Edward got Married

He married Josephine Hall-White in 1971 and the couple went on to have two sons. Their eldest son Casper de Bono currently works for The Times in London and Charlie, their youngest is an architect.


A chance meeting

Tom Farrell - Australia tour, lecturing to business.


Medical School in London

In '76 Dr. de Bono returned to London to work as a Research associate and honorary registrar at the St. Thomas Hospital Medical School within the University of London;


Harvard Medical School

research associate, Harvard Medical School; honorary consultant, Boston City Hospital,


School of Thinking

On the 25th of February, 1980. Dr de Bono set up the School of Thinking in New York with Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, Eric Bienstock and Alexandra Jane Noble.


Facilitating Nobel laureates

In 1990, he facilitated a meeting with Nobel laureates from around the world in Korea.


Corporate Training

In 1991 Dr. de Bono, with Clint Keay and President Kathy Myers formed Advanced Practical Thinking Training (APTT) with the goal of delivering Dr. de Bono's training to corporations. For the first two years, de Bono taught all certification courses. During this time, a course in Lateral Thinking was published and trainers were certified. de Bono's first certification of trainers in February of 1992.


Capire Prize

In 1992, he became the first recipient of the ‘Capire Prize’ in Europe, for outstanding achievement.


Pioneer Prize in the field of Thinking

In 1994, he was presented the ‘Pioneer Prize in the field of Thinking’, at the International Conference on Thinking at MIT, Boston.


National Order of Merit

In 1995, he was honoured with the National Order of Merit by the President of Malta.


APTT a Training Success Story

APTT gross sales for 1995 were over $1.6 million, with a network of over 400 instructors in 27 countries. Net sales for 1996 were $3 million, a five-year increase of 785%, earning APTT a place on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing U.S. companies.


de Bono Institute

In 1996 the de Bono Institute was established as a centre for new thinking in Australia.


de Bono online Course

1999 Working with his brother Peter de Bono they develop the first de Bono online training course. The Effective Thinking Programme, which Peter de Bono managed until 2010.


Named as one of Accentures Top 50 living Business Gurus

2002 Accenture's Institute for Strategic Change has compiled an intriguing ranking of the top 50 living business gurus, most of whom are business school academics, consultants, journalists or business executives.


Named as Top 20 Visionaries

Edward de Bono was named one of 20 visionaries who will have the strongest influence on the thinking of managers in 2003 by Austrian magazine BUSINESS PEOPLE.


APTT becomes de Bono Thinking Systems

In 2004, APTT was rebranded to better reflect its core mission and officially became de Bono Thinking Systems®.


Nobel Prize Nomination

In 2005, he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics.


CoRT Thinking for the digital era

While lecturing at Dublin City University Dr. de Bono met with Will Devine, A multimedia undergraduate in the university at that time. through Tom Farrel of the de Bono Foundation.CoRT Thinking website, Will Devine Devine Media


Top 50 Global Thinkers

Edward was ranked one of the Top 50 Global Thinkers in the Thinkers50 of 2007 which included Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Alan Greenspan, Tom Peters, Richard Branson.


Ambassador of Creativity and Innovations for the E.U.

2009 Ambassador of Creativity and Innovation, EU. Dr. de Bono was one of 27 Ambassadors for Creativity and Innovation of the European Union.


de Bono Online Courses get an upgrade

In 1996 the de Bono Institute was established as a centre for new thinking in Australia.


de Bono Global

De Bono Global (DBG) was appointed in October 2011 as the worldwide manager of the intellectual property associated with Dr de Bono’s work, including copyrights and trademarks. DBG was also appointed by Dr Edward de Bono to exclusively manage his services in relation to personal appearances, speaking engagements and consulting. As principal licensee, DBG manages all licensing, copyright permissions and approvals, IP development and all licensing relationships.

October, 2011

Celebrated his 80th Birthday.

In May of 2013 Edward celebrated his 80th birthday with his close friends and family. The familial type event took place in Dublin, Ireland. It was attended by only 13 people. Among those in attendance were his sons, Tom Farrell, Amanda Mobbs, Linda Laird & Will Devine.


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